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Hi! I’m John Dowling and I’m a fine art, pet photographer working in the awesome Shire of Sutherland, but I'm happy to travel all over the state. I live in a waterside house on the Woronora River with my gorgeous wife Michele, our cat Bella and the best dog in the world, a female GSD named Bess.

My favourite things in the world are my family, my dog, and watching Manchester United beat Liverpool at football; and when I’m not shooting you’ll find me volunteering at the local animal shelter. I couldn’t live without my friends, my family, my dog and lots of tea. I spend a lot of time out taking photos and nothing makes me happier than when I visit someone’s house and find they have a dog.

I got into pet photography after years of being a wedding photographer, which can be a hard gig. I’ve been a professional photographer for 20 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

My photography style is relaxed and vibrant. I just love capturing all the beautiful and special moments for my clients, and the best thing about being a pet photographer is that I get to work with animals and enjoy my clients’ reactions when they first see their finished photos. Few things are more rewarding than giving animals lovers memories of their fur babies.

If you’re looking for a pet photographer who is a dog whisperer and photographer all in one, can capture your pet’s awesomeness, and create art – then that’s what I do!

Whether your dog is totally mental and runs around at 100mph or is nervous and hides under the bed, I can summon my dog whispering skills and create masterpieces of your fur babies to remember them forever.

As a pet photographer, I love shooting everything from fluffy kittens or huge dogs to scaley lizards or your feathered friends. It could be photos of your puppy or kitten before he or she grows up or photos of your beloved pet later in his or her life to capture memories.

Pet photoshoots take place anywhere you like, parks or beaches or in your pets own familiar environment and the shoot last between one and two hours.

Whatever you need, get in touch and let’s chat animals!


e-Mail:  [email protected]

Mobile:  0409 367 237

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